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Supporting vulnerable Jewish communities around the world.
At J-AID we don't just delivering goods. We delivering hope.
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The Need

Did you know that almost 2 million people in Israel live below the poverty line? A third of which are children. If that wasn't shocking enough, according to a recent report from Bituach Leumi, in some Jewish communities, 49% live below the poverty line.  Sadly, Coronavirus has made things even worse and a new generation of poverty has been created. With unemployment and poverty levels rising, Holocaust survivors and single-parent families in Eastern Europe are forced to live on a monthly budget of approximately £64.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help vulnerable Jewish people in urgent need by delivering a lifeline of essential goods. Because behind every number, figure or statistic is a person, family or community that needs our help.

Bertha is one of the people we've been able to support through J-Aid.  Bertha was born in April 1929 in Otaci, Moldova. In 1941, following the occupation of Moldova, Bertha her parents and her younger sister went into hiding. However they were discovered by Nazi soldiers and following the  death of her father Bertha, her mother and sister were imprisoned in Soroca. At just 12 years old she was forced to walk under guard,  for two weeks to Yampol locality in Ukraine.  With no food or water they were forced to drink from dirty puddles and sleep in forest.  Now 92, Bertha struggles with a monthly pension of £56. Having lost her husband 10 years ago she lives alone and is unable to take care of herself anymore. She is in poor health and relies on support for food medicine and home-care, which she is unable to afford with her small, monthly allowance. Can you help us support people like Bertha?


For every £1 donated we can deliver between £8-£500 in goods. Which means that for the average cost to deliver a 40ft truck of humanitarian aid to Israel, which is £5,000- £7,000 we can deliver approximately £250,000 worth of essentials including footwear, bedding, clothing, medical supplies, hygiene goods and toiletries.



For more information, please contact:


Office address:

100 Cecil Street

Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 5AD, United Kingdom


Our Model

J-AID sources overstocked essential items such as clothing, bedding, medical equipment and hygiene goods which may otherwise be destined for landfill, delivering them to Jewish communities in urgent need, wherever they may be. We use a low-cost model, whereby goods are donated and distributed free of charge through our network of global charity partners.


Our Expertise

Our small team, headed by Rosalind Bluestone, has over twenty years’ experience in humanitarian aid export, meaning we know how to deliver. In the last seven years, through our parent charity Goods For Good, we have delivered over £26 million worth of humanitarian aid,  to over 3 million people in need, saving over 500 tonnes from landfill and incineration.


Our Challenge

We know how to help. We know how to deliver. Our only challenge is funding our core costs, including international logistics, so we can deliver the aid to those that need it most. To continue our operation we need to raise £200,000 per year. And we can't do this alone, we need your help to make this happen.

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“Your help provides something special that leaves a lasting impact.  The feeling that they’re not alone,  that somebody in this world is thinking about them and their needs.  We’re deeply grateful to your organisation for your constant support and care.”
JDC, Kishnev

£18,000 will pay for five 40ft trucks to deliver boots, shoes, blankets and clothing to Moldova with an approximate value of £1,250,000


£27,000 will pay for our administrator’s salary, NI & pension contributions for one year. This vital staff member makes all the above happen.


£50,000 will pay for ten monthly 40ft containers filled with clothing, shoes, blankets, toys and school stationery to be delivered to Israel with an approximate value of £2,500,000


£1,000 will pay for essential nappies, sanitary and hygiene products with a value of over £81,000


£5,000 will pay for one 40ft container filled with clothing, footwear, blankets, toys and school stationery to be delivered to Israel with an approximate value of £250,000


£10,000 will pay for the purchase of urgently needed incontinence pads for Holocaust survivors and the elderly with an approximate value of £375,000



Phone: +44 1923 918 880


J-AID is an initiative of GOODS FOR GOOD (GLOBAL), UK registered charity number 1165565


Offce address:

100 Cecil Street,



WD24 5AD,

United Kingdom


Phone: +44 1923 918 880



J-AID is an initiative of GOODS FOR GOOD (GLOBAL),

UK registered charity number 1165565

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